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EDUCATION: Does NAPLAN influence what school you choose for your kids?

What our Facebook community really thinks of NAPLAN


WELLBEING: Where did the play go?

How FUN is essential to wellbeing and development

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A guide to Queensland school catchments

Confused about school catchments? Here's all the essential info.


The first six months of Prep – what to expect

As we near the end of first term, there may be some Prep students around the state starting to feel a bit tired, cranky and emotional. And when you see what they get up to each day, it’s easy to...


LOCAL: Day care centre with a difference opens in Springwood

Taking the traditional day care setting to a whole new level


How to improve your child’s learning

When there is a consistency of messages between home and school, there is greater opportunity for children to grow

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How to create eager pupils, not complacent ones

Montessori classrooms are very different to the way most adults were educated

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Creating a family balance

If you are feeling overwhelmed, on edge, impatient or stressed, your child is likely to feel the same


Teaching and Learning in the 21st Century

We find out how Immanuel Lutheran College has adapted its learning environments for the 21st Century, from virtual learning environments through to outdoor education.


The benefits of student exchange programs

Foreign student exchanges offer a range of benefits. Just what will your child experience and what is it likely to cost?


Bridging the STEM gender gap

What one school is doing to encourage more girls into STEM subjects


EDUCATION: We all learn differently – or do we?

Some believe that we all learn in different ways