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GALLERY: Best party theme ideas

Our great suggestions for themed parties.

Things to Do

PARTY: Easy fun and games

If you're totally new to the world of birthday parties, the most important thing is not to panic - it's only a birthday party! Having some super fun and easy games up your sleeve is a good strategy...


PARTY: Turning parties into learning experiences

Parties are fun but did you know they are also key learning experiences?


RECIPE: Piggies in blankets

For a fun and easy dinner kids of all ages will love, try these Piggies in Blankets.

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EASTER: Get crafty this Easter

Keep the kids busy and get creative with these top Easter craft ideas.

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DIY Easter Fun

From Easter Egg hunts through to yummy treats, here are our best DIY Easter resources and posts to bring your kids the magic of Easter


RECIPE: Mini Moussakas

For a miniature take on a greek favourite, try these Mini Moussakas.


RECIPE: Sweet Potato Gnocchi

For a healthy meal toddlers will love, try this Sweet Potato Gnocchi.

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Kids Cake Disasters (And How To Avoid Them)

For many, the thought of making a birthday cake is enough to bring out a cold sweat. Here are some tips to spare you the pain of a birthday cake disaster.

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MAKE AND DO: Making Easter treats

Get Easter ready with these homemade treats to make with the kids

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PLAY: Best ever playdough and slime recipes

Simple, easy playdough and slime recipes